Hello World!

My name is Ilya, I have been interested and growing in the IT sphere for several years.
Now I mainly work on java and javascript.
Just below you can find a list of some of my developments, and if you click Hub, you can try it yourself.
Since April 12 2021 I have been coding for 3406 hours. (00:00) of them today. (19:05) of them for the last 7 days.
Participating in the development
My libraries
For today
For week
IntelliJ - 100% (00:00)
PC - 100% (00:00)
IntelliJ - 100% (00:00)
PC - 100% (00:00)
Java - 63% (12:01)
JavaScript - 29.27% (05:35)
JSON - 2.94% (00:33)
TypeScript - 2.16% (00:24)
Text - 1.11% (00:12)
Name Type Description Technologies
RDnevnik Frozen TG and VK interface for school.mos.ru Node.js, Postgres, Puppeteer, nlp.js, Telegraf, node-vk-bot-api
Votty Active Voting bot for your discord server Node.js, Postgres, discord.js
ПроПрофессии и ПроВозможности Active Telegram bot for festival "ProProfessionals and ProPossibilities" Node.js, Mongoose, Telegraf
NewsKingdom Active Telegram bot who collects news from different sources and classify them by category Node.js, Redis, Postgres, Telegraf, Gram.js
Name Position Dates of work
Голос времени Programmer 06.01.2023 - today
Идеальный мир Programmer 29.04.2022 - 30.12.2022
Игра Бога Programmer 14.02.2022 - 18.04.2022
Hilarious: Minigames Manager, Tech. admin 20.08.2020 - 11.01.2023
FlameOut Programmer, co-author 24.04.2020 - today
Name Description Language
jrweb Java web server without dependencies java
uptimekuma-api Wrapper for interacting with uptimekuma javascript, types
rgcache Caching library javascript, types
hilsu-api A wrapper that allows you to use most API methods from hil.su javascript, types
log4j-node-yandex-cloud-logging An appender for log4js that allows you to record logs in yandex logging javascript, types
node-redguy-api Wrapper for interacting with the API redguy.ru javascript, types
RedGuyAPIJava Wrapper for interacting with the API redguy.ru java
animatext Test library for creating and playing ascii animations javascript
Using and learning
java postgresql javascript nodejs mysql nuxt
I love and use
youtrack idea phpstorm github